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An appetite to disrupt

  • Ocado saw they could disrupt their market if they could get groceries to customers faster than competitors
  • Their solution was the Ocado Smart Platform with a "swarm" of robots picking groceries on a grid-like structure far quicker than humanly possible
  • Ocado Partnered with Tharsus to take these robots into successful manufacture
  • Our partnership continues - with Ocado achieving global success with its own business and sales of its technology to others



Talk about a revolution

  • In 2009 the UK was on the brink of revolution
  • It was called Broadband - problem was rollout simply couldn't meet demand
  • BT asked us if we could help
  • Our solution for them was two fold. 
    1. Rapid Action Cable Support System
    2. Office Process Function

The new force in parts cleaning

  • Safetykleen identified a gap in the market for an industrial parts cleaning service
  • Existing technology was too complex, too unreliable and too expensive
  • Our Value Added Manufacturing delivered Jetkleen - a machine with the tech, reliability and quality it need to achieve Safetykleen's commercial goals 
  • Jetkleen delivered fast and absolute market domination
Strategic Machine

More than a post-it note maker

  • 3M saw an opportunity to use their own tracking tech to disrupt a new market sector
  • They approached us with their prototype
  • With them we improved the technology integration and functionality of the end product
  • We also applied our OEDM expertise to shape the design around more efficient manufacture
Technology integration

Companies must act urgently to protect people in their workplace. Bump helps you do that.

Bump helps people and businesses make safer decisions in the workplace. It puts people in control of their environment, helping organisations create safer movement flows and identify risks.

Team members wear a Bump device that instantly alerts them when someone else is too close. Bump uses smart reminders to prompt people to clean their hands regularly with Bump-enabled sanitisers.