Logistics Overview

Tharsus is a robotics powerhouse.

We’ve brought together the technical wizardry needed for breakthrough thinking and the production capability to manufacture to your needs, all in one company.

Advancements in technology and its accessibility are lowering the barriers to entry for companies looking to penetrate new markets and scale up development. Our OEDM platform allows customers to develop, build and launch products at an enhanced pace, leveraging our expertise and your market insight, we work collaboratively to streamline product realisation and cost at every stage.

Tharsus has the in-house capabilities to take your product from prototype to production along the path of least resistance. Our award winning; facilities, equipment and people are fundamental in helping us develop and manufacture game-changing products quickly and expediently without compromising quality and reliability.

We’re committed to efficiency through-out the entire journey. Our cross-industry expertise enables Tharsus’ engineers to integrate the best innovations, processes and practices into product development, applying six sigma and lean principles to enhance quality, workflow and reduce the time to market.

Among our comprehensive set of services, we offer design for manufacture, new product introduction, system development, testing and process automation. Our development services are your competitive advantage as your product speeds towards a successful market launch.

Logistics Our OEDM platform, grants customers access to qualified technology know-how that fosters seamless technology integration and production readiness.

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

Product Development Product Management Product Manufacture Dive straight in and see how we can
make your game-changing products
realise their disruptive potential!

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