How we do it

About How we do it

We work with progressive business leaders to imagine, define and produce robotic solutions that transform business performance.

Our product realisation process brings together intelligent, agile and exploratory product development with structured and controlled manufacturing, exactly what you need when taking new robotic or machine technology products to market.

You need that freedom to innovate, and do so cost-effectively, but also the ability to lock the product down so that it can be made repeatedly, reliably and with absolute transparency. And you need it packaged in a way that allows the free movement of ideas, market understanding and technology knowledge to flow back into the next iteration(s) of the product.

Result of Working with Tharsus

Partnership with Tharsus brings a significant competitive advantage. We can get your product to market faster with a lower overall cost of development. Our knowledge and expertise of breakthrough commercially optimised robotic and/or machine technology not only reduces risk and provides a predictable product cost forecast, but also increases the probability of commercial success.

Tharsus is a robotics powerhouse. We’ve brought together the technical wizardry needed for breakthrough thinking and the production capability to manufacture to your needs, all in one company.

Our proprietary processis proven and comprehensive

What does the journey look like?

Our customers join us at different stages of their product journey, usually falling into one of three broad categories. They;

  1. have an idea and want to make it a commercial reality;
  2. have developed a prototype and are looking to scale it to production or;
  3. have an existing product and are looking for a new manufacturing partner.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, we can help you reach your destination.

Our relationship with our customers is always focused on strong and frequent communication from both sides. We prefer to regard it as a partnership, with both sides fully committed to the success of the project and always willing to highlight and discuss anything that could possibly compromise that success.

The journey always begins by defining the problem or opportunity; why are we doing what we’re doing? Expect us to ask questions as well as share ideas and thoughts. Once we have this knowledge in place, we can embark on a robust investigation to establish what the true needs of the product are.

When we have clarity we proceed onto the agile-explore part of the journey, where we push the boundaries of what we can achieve technically in order to give the product maximum possible competitive advantage. To learn to fly you can’t be afraid to fall, and during this stage we expect to fall a few times, but we always get back up. By the end of this intense period of learning and discovery, we will have created a product specification that is both ambitious and achievable.

The specification goes to our design team and they get to work on bringing the idea to life. Once the product has been developed and prototypes built, it is handed over to the pilot manufacturing team, who start creating the product’s unique production plans, SOP’s and quality plans.

At the same time, our strategic supply chain team will be working on building relationships with the suppliers you will need for ongoing manufacture of your product, using our position as an established and respected firm to maximise the commerciality of the supply chain.

The pilot manufacturing team now introduce your product onto our shop floor, taking responsibility for all related issues, including (but not limited to) standardising the build process, ironing out any immediate issues and training the production team on the build. With everything needed to ensure fluent production in place, we will be ready and able to work to your plan, batch/ volume manufacturing your product as and when demand requires. We offer a level of flexibility which is invaluable when taking new products to market, as demand is usually an unknown. Knowing your product intimately, we are then perfectly placed to package it appropriately and send it to you or your customers as required.

We also offer after-market care, with specially trained teams dedicated to the whole-life support of your product.

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

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