Turn your innovative ideas into machines that generate commercial impact.

When your product-to-market journey is taken care of by experts, your product’s commercial potential has no limits..

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Product development and contract manufacturing ‘all under one roof’.

Turning your ideas for robotic or machine technology products into successful lines of business can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be… We’ve won awards for making the process of creating disruptive products, simple.

Tharsus are one of Europe’s fastest growing technology businesses, helping companies develop and manufacture emerging robotic and machine technologies to disrupt, lead and grow their markets.

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It doesn’t matter where you are on the journey, together, we can get your product to its destination.

You’ve got
an idea!

You’ve got <br />
an idea! You’ve got <br />
an idea!

Great! We can help you turn your idea into a commercial reality

You’ve developed
a prototype.

You’ve developed <br />
a prototype. You’ve developed <br />
a prototype.

We’ve got a road-map that gets you from prototype to production along the most expedient path.

Looking for a
manufacturing partner?

Looking for a <br />
manufacturing partner? Looking for a <br />
manufacturing partner?

Get your products manufactured the easy way, today.

How it works

A cost effective and low risk way to add engineering expertise, supply chain planning and manufacturing capability to your business

Imagine finding a single place to get your robotic or machine technology products developed and manufactured. Or picture, being able to focus on your core business activities with absolute peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your product is in a safe pair of hands, with people committed to doing what’s right by it.

Tharsus has created the first Original Equipment Design and Manufacture product realisation platform that removes the pain of bringing innovative new products to market. Robotic and machine technology products can enable innovative new business models to thrive, and disrupt whole industries. When created well, they can generate significant competitive advantage and drastically increase productivity. Commercial success can be as much about how you take your product to market as the product idea itself.

There’s never been a better way to bring innovative new products to market, then again, there’s never been a product realisation platform as powerful as OEDM.

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We've done it before

We know what it takes to deliver new technology products to market. We've been on the journey from concept to reality many times.

Exceptional Team

Our knowledge and passion helps us create amazing products, but it's our ability to get things done that sets us apart.

Great Facilities

We've built you a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, you can call your own.

Proven Process

Our proven process guides you along the journey from innovative idea to scaled production.... and beyond.

We can make your product a commercial success.

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