Latest News receives £1.5Million to find your next top engineer.

July 7th 2015 is not your typical recruitment company, it has set out to disrupt the headhunting industry through a more scalable model, that on the face of it should benefit both tech companies and engineers. Launched in France 3 months ago the company has just raised £1.5million from Alven Capital, Elaia Partners, Ventech and various other business angels. receives £1.5Million to find your next top engineer.

Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Azoulay recently described the operational side of the organisation, ”Every two weeks, we start a session, We pre-qualify and showcase candidates that follow two criteria — they are experienced engineers, and they are ready to switch jobs. During this session, our pool of clients can go on our website and interact with our candidates.”

After prelim sessions, organisations then send a job offer as well as a salary range to potential candidates, followed by scheduling a formal interview. sparks interest for a few different reasons. Firstly, companies don’t have to embark on a laborious headhunting process. Once HR professionals sign up – they receive a weekly email of new candidates, dramatically reducing time.

Secondly, candidates are pre screened, with over 300 individuals signing up on the platform every two weeks; weans these down to a mere 40 top performers.

Penultimatly, the cost difference between the model and conventional headhunting methods is enormous. Typical upfront agency percentages of between 20-30 percent of yearly salary is drastically reduced to just over 1%, and if an engineer leaves the company before 18 months the charge stops.

Finally, the startup is re-writing the usual recruitment process. Instead of posting a traditional job ad, companies look at candidates first and then send them an offer. Completely eradicating the age old problem of recruiting an individual based on company mission even though you’re not looking for a new hire.

With yesterdays funding round the company wants to expand to other European cities as soon as possible, opening up the world of global recruitment as an essential platform for both new job applicants and tech companies.

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