Latest News Robotic Japanese invention that will prevent robot/human accidents.

August 24th 2015

Disclosed inside FANUC’s patent is a new concept that will remove the risk posed to human operators on automated production lines across the world.

Robotic Japanese invention that will prevent robot/human accidents.

The key innovation resides in the robotic products’ cladding, which has had a protective composite layer added to it’s base and jointed links. The protective layer is a soft elastic material that will be delivered in the form of rubber or foam, specifically designed to cushion the hit for any workers caught in the way of the industrial robotic arm in full operation.

That’s not the interesting part; a series of displacement sensors are located around the inside of the cladding that will automatically shut off the unit when it comes into contact with anything that exceeds the pressure thresholds.

This recent innovation surely comes as an answer to the tragedy that unfolded at the Volkswagen plant and illustrates perfectly how a simple solution to a complex challenge can be achieved.

To read more about the patent visit or the US Patent and Trademark office.

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