With a 50 year heritage in sheet metal fabrication, Tharsus Group companies design and manufacture a wide range of metalwork components, sub-assemblies and complete electro-mechanical products for customers as diverse as global corporations and start-up entrepreneurs.

At three sites in the north east of England, our knowledge-based approach is a common thread across Tharsus sheet metal, welding, fabrication, specialist engineering and OEDM (original equipment design and manufacture) services.

Sheet Metal

We offer a comprehensive range of processes from laser profiling and cutting, CNC punching and forming through to finishing including paint and assembly.

Specialist Engineering

Our specialist engineering customers include the major players in demanding sectors such as defence, offshore, oil and gas, transport, security and energy, all of whom rely on our extensive fabrication capabilities.

Tapping into expertise that we’ve acquired from developing and manufacturing complete product, we’re capable of creating CAD designs and detailed engineering drawings from a sketch or concept, and converting CAD designs to 3D images to provide a view of the completed sheet metal fabrication. It ensures that components are manufactured more effectively, reducing material costs and creating efficiencies for final assembly.

Our OEDM service is ideal for those looking for a fully outsourced solution, bringing together final assembly with design and development, technology integration, material conversion  and supply chain management.

     Brian Palmer, Chief Executive






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