Weedingtech – MW Unit

Meet the MW Unit.

Weedingtech are IP owners of the award-winning herbicide free system for controlling the growth of weeds, offering the most effective alternative to traditional weeding methods and chemical herbicides.

A Smart, Connected Product Delivering Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Tharsus developed the MW unit to embrace up-to-date product technologies; establishing competitive advantage for the product through enabling a close alignment between the products operational effectiveness and Weedingtech’s unique strategic positioning.

The MW unit is a state-of-the art, smart, connected, product. One that required a whole new set of system design principles achieving hardware standardisation with enabled, predictive, and enhanced remote servicing.

Award WinningHerbicide Free Weeding System.

The MW series has won a trifecta of awards since its inception in 2012; from the LAMMA best new product award and the EDGE award for the design and supply of amenities to the Rushlight awards in 2015 where it won two accolades for the responsible product and sustainability initiative.

Winning two accolades at its most recent award ceremony is a great collaborative achievement for both Weedingtech and Tharsus, speaking volumes for the OEDM concept, which has been key to the success of this Cleantech product.

Over-coming theChallenges.

Weedingtech came to Tharsus with a product that required full re-design and design for manufacture investment – with a clear seasonal product launch date, we took a ground up approach to the challenges we faced;

  • Reverse engineering of existing product to identify heat transfer and water flow schematics.
  • Develop Proof of Principle prototypes to support new system design.
  • Manufacturing, assembly, supply chain and process control procedures developed for the batch build of the MW series.
  • Electronic System design activities and technology integration.
  • CE Compliance & rigorous fit for purpose testing.

A Commercially FocusedSolution.

  • A pioneering, visually resolved, reliable and professional product that is fully integrated and representative of the Weeding-tech brand.
  • Commercial package that supports business growth for the customer.
  • Patentable Electronic Burner control system developed.
  • Robust testing rigs to ensure a safe and reliable product delivery – meets the key requirements of patented chemistry technology.
  • On-going product management and manufacturing support (i.e. increased capability to react quickly to design changes)
  • Product development and manufacturing strategies developed that support long-term customer aims, build share value and add to their bottom line.

What the client had to say...

“We are thrilled to share this award with our exceptional manufacturing partner Tharsus. We trust that this is the first of many momentous milestones, as together we continue to work towards the realisation of a herbicide-free environment.”

Tom Hamilton, Weedingtech
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