Not Just Cleaning – Waste Monitor

Meet - The Waste Monitor

A revolutionary waste management system by IP owners considered to be true outliers of the service provision sector.

Behaving and performing differently from other companies in their space – Not Just Cleaning places technology at the heart of their business.

At their core, they help customers monitor waste output and assist in finding the best methods of waste removal whilst remaining compliant with waste regulations across a range of waste including general, recyclable, hazardous, clinical and green.

The Smart-Connected Challenge.

NJC required a full build to print and supply chain procurement service offering for a revolutionary system for comprehensive identification, quantification and reporting of waste streams within the built environment.

A product loaded with technology – utilising NFC and colour recognition systems, it allows the creation of an infinite number of manageable waste streams.

A Clean-tech FocusedSolution.

The Waste monitor was one of Tharsus’ first smart-connected products –  fully web enabled to provide business stakeholders with real time highly accurate data on waste streams generated in their facilities.

We managed to maintain the sleek and professional aesthetics of the product in an initial batch build, building a supply chain that drove down the cost of both the metal work and the electrical components.

The Waste Monitor is an ongoing project – one that will see future design developments and product iterations as we progress through 2015.

What the client had to say...

The thing with Tharsus are that they are a very rare breed. They have got design, manufacture, reliability, supply chain, business development, Theyre mechanical, Theyre Electrical, there’s a lot bundled up in there and for some people, and for some organisations, their honest approach and style may be a problem, but it really suits us.

Not Just Cleaning – Project manager
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