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October 16th 2015

From October, London is hosting it’s first ever “Food Tech Week”, an opportunity for food brands, innovators and startups to unite in tackling some of the biggest challenges facing food production and agriculture. The week-long event has been set up to celebrate all things food, facilitating tech disruption of the food economy and ecosystem.

All Geared up for London Food Tech Week?

The aim: to put food tech on the map; Food as one of the most important and biggest economies in the world, and technology as it’s biggest enabler and driver for scalable, global and positive impact.

Victoria Albrecht and Nadia El Hadery, co-founders of London Food Tech Week, said: “The week is about facilitating disruption of the food ecosystem via technology and tackling challenges in food and agriculture by bringing together the big and small players. London Food Tech Week also highlights the innovators, movers and shakers of and within the food tech ecosystem”.

For the week of Oct 16th-23rd, food tech related events are taking over some of the hottest venues in central London, featuring a Food and Agtech Sustainability Hackathon at wework, a TEDxHackney Future of Food at the Ace Hotel, Food of Genius (secret location), panel discussions, workshops, talks and extraordinary experiences.

Designed to educate, foster partnerships, and help businesses enhance their impact on food tech; London has never been hungrier for disruption.

Here are some of the highlights and events that this week has to offer:

  1. #FPLive – FoodTech

PRE FOOD TECH WEEK: Wednesday Oct 7th 2015, 6:30-9pm

Forward Partners’ monthly kickass speaker event, this time with the well-seasoned Food Tech (and also more generally tech) Entrepreneur Will Reeve.


  1. Panel Discussion: How Technology is changing the food ecosystem

PRE LONDON FOOD TECH WEEK: October 12th 2015, 7-9pm

A panel discussion introducing some of the top speakers and companies of London Food Tech Week.


  • Nick Holzherr, Founder & CEO @, previously finalist on The
  • Apprentice-Dan Warne, Managing Director or Deliveroo UK & Ireland
  • Aga Nazaruk, Co-Founder @
  • Camilla Dolan, Investment Manager @ MMC Ventures
  • Kimberly Hurd, previously CEO of Zomato UK, now CEO of


  1. Positioning narratives around food tech – How to change habits, overcome prejudices and crack communication challenges

Monday, Oct 19th, 3-5pm

In this creative collaborative session Co-Founder of Futerra Ed Gillespie will take participants on a journey through the principles of story telling around sustainability and explore how existing food brands have developed compelling narratives to engage customers. We’ll learn from the experiences of Zero Carbon Food (the renewable energy powered, LED-lit, hydroponic farm in a disused tube tunnel 30m underground in Clapham North), BioBean (turning waste coffee grounds into fuels) and Snact (the pioneers of ’Snactivism’ and healthy fruit jerky from waste fruit). We’ll explore how to apply these principles and experience in practice and begin to develop outline frameworks for our own narratives.


  1. Workshop: UX Design for Food Tech Apps

Monday Oct 19th, 6.30pm

What does it take to design a world-class mobile application specifically for food? What is key to consider with regards to the user experience (UX) of the app?

In this event, part of London Food Tech Week, you’ll hear from those behind Uncover and Cookbooth, two London-based food apps that are leading the charge in the food tech scene. They’ll speak about building and designing the app, lessons learned along the way, and how they used their simple MVP to raise funding and get to where they are today.


  1. Table crowd: Meet & Eat with Crowd cube and Early Bird

Monday, Oct 19th 6.45pm – 9.30pm

Join us for dinner, drinks & a chance to meet others working in, and interested in, food and foodtech. The after dinner talk will be on successfully crowd funding your business – and we’ll be telling both sides of the tale.

We’re joined by Michael Wilkinson, Head of Equity Investments at Crowd cube and Oliver Pugh, founder and CEO at Early Bird who successfully funded his businesses using crowd funding.


  1. Food Hackathon Theme: Hacking Nutrition Challenge – Sponsor: Jamie Oliver

Oct 16th – 18th

Food Hack is a unique barrier-free and collaborative weekend hackathon, with Jamie Oliver has our headline sponsor! We will be bringing together industry-leading brands and top talent to turn data, application programming interfaces (APIs) and novel company insights into forward-thinking solutions and tangible prototypes for the global challenge of nutrition.


  1. Food Of Genius

Monday, Oct 19th 6-9pm

A secret-location, exclusive invite-only event for food tech influencers. The first Food of Genius in June saw top dogs like Mars’ Global Head of Sustainability, the Ex Head of Marketing at Pret & YoSushi, Diageo, Waitrose, Futerra, Techstars, Zomato, Vivida Productions, MMC Ventures, Forward Partners, Hoxton Ventures, Blue Wire Capital and many, many more.


  1. TedX Hackney: The Future of Food

Tuesday Oct 20th 2015, 10:30am – 5pm, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

TEDx brings together 8 world-renowned thinkers and doers from all disciplines, who share their stories and inspire action to change the #FutureofFood


  • Charles Michel, Food Psychologist (Oxford University) and Chef
  • Ed Gillespie, Co-Founder of Futerra
  • Arthur Kay, Founder of Bio Bean
  • Claudia Roden, Food Anthropologist
  • Zoe Collins, Creative Director of the Jamie Oliver Media Brand
  • Leslie Ziegler, Co-Founder of Bitty Foods (San Francisco)
  • Kate Hofman, Founder of Growup
  • Sara Roversi, YouCanGroup (Bologna)
  • Tim West, Food System Hacker & founder of Food Hackathon
  • Daniel Opsina, The Fat Duck
  • Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant, Founder of Future Food Studios (Vancouver)


9. Seedcamp X FoodTech

Tuesday Oct 20th 2015, 6am – 9pm, Google Campus

Seed camp, the first round fund that invests in ambitious founders of pre-seed and seed stage start-ups, is hosting a deep dive into the FoodTech space. The team has already backed exciting companies in the space including Pronto, Winnow and Farmhopping. Attendees will hear from some exceptional key players working in the sector and discover the FoodTech start-ups of tomorrow.

As part of the event, Seed camp is inviting early-stage FoodTech start-ups to apply to pitch their businesses on the night. The winner will fast track the Seed camp application process to pitch for pre-seed investment 75K for 7%) meeting directly with the team to be considered to join the Seed camp family. Apply above for your chance to meet the team.


10. Feeding the Future

Wednesday Oct 21st 2015, 1pm – 4pm, Google Offices, Victoria

An experience exploring technologies, taste, research, disruptive innovation, human centred design and entrepreneurship to inspire and connect during London Food Tech Week.


11. Pitch to Investors: Food Tech Matchup

Wednesday Oct 21th 2015, 6pm – 9pm

Match Capital’s state of the art technology uses a matching algorithm to determine which VC firm is the right one for your start-up.

This FoodTech Matchup gives the most promising food tech start-ups the opportunity to pitch for money in front of their relevant, matching investors. For Series A and Series B funding rounds.


12. The Future of Food production

Wednesday Oct 21st 2015, 6pm – 9pm

Will we be able to meet the challenge of feeding the ever-growing world population by 2050? How will emerging technologies and innovation impact the future of food production?

The #REWORKFOOD evening workshop will explore how advancing technology such as agtech, artificial intelligence, IoT & synthetic biology will impact food production and ensure a sustainable future.


13. #FoodTechWeek: Taster into London’s on-demand food tech space

Tuesday 20th October, 6.30pm

Limited to only 50 people, this panel discussion will give you a taster into what’s cooking in the on-demand food tech space in London. This event will bring together three entrepreneurs who will share their stories and the challenges they’ve faced to date. Expect great discussion, food, drink and networking.


– Dimple Lalwani – Founder at Social Belly

– Robert Hall – Founder at Wriggle

– Simon Edwards – Co-Founder at ShuttleCook


14. Food Tech Week Exclusive: Lean Innovation Workshops for big and small companies in the food industry

Wednesday Oct 21st 2015, 10am – 5pm is the official Lean Start-up and Corporate Innovation partner of London Food Tech Week. The team of facilitators will run a series of Innovation Workshops for Start-ups as well as corporate teams. Apply early to reserve your space!


15. Breakfast briefings: Food, sustainability and technology trends.

Thursday Oct 22nd 2015, 8.30am – 10am

When it comes to food, technology is changing the game. Join us for a power breakfast at the Brigade Bar & Bistro where panellists discuss and debate the most important trends in technology contributing to a more efficient, sustainable ecosystem. Panellists include:

  • Marc Zornes – Winnow founder & CEO
  • Simon Boyle – The Brigade Chef Founder
  • Arthur Kay – BioBean CEO and Guardian Sustainable Business Leader of the Year
  • Kieron Blakemore – COO GeoTraceabilit


16. (Pivot)al: Embracing Failure

Thursday Oct 22nd 2015, 6pm

Embracing epic, costly and painful but wonderfully enlightening failure. 3 entrepreneurs share their stories.

In the food tech world and beyond, up to 90% of start-ups fail to come of age, so what lessons can we learn from this and how can we apply them to future ventures?
Meet and chat with those who’ve been at the coalface in food and technology and have had to do major pivots in order to survive (and in some cases, not) in one of the toughest and most competitive industries. Learn what they would have done differently, how to avoid pitfalls, what to do when, and why the word “pivot” is a euphemism for “business as usual.”

If you would like to get involved or read more about the event, please visit:




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