Latest News AHDB Smart Agri-Tech Conference 2015.

July 16th 2015

Innovation is a key ingredient for any industry to overcome current bottlenecks and adapt to tackle future challenges and opportunities head on. The use of Technology in agriculture has been fueled by farmers seeking ways to reduce cost, improve efficiency and advance quality control of crops.

AHDB Smart Agri-Tech Conference 2015.

The Smart Agriculture Conference is an opportunity to take stock of what is out there in the engineering manufacturing, computer science, RAS (Robotics and Autonomous Systems) and medical sectors and how can it be exploited and applied to the future of precision farming.

It’s an opportunity for scientists, researchers, engineers and innovators across multiple disciplines to develop relationships that stimulate discussion and identify potential research and application opportunities that address the need for technological development.

The event will pay particular focus to smart technology, encompassing engineering, sensors, Nano technology, decision support systems and robotics.


Start Date: 08/09/15

Duration: 09:00 – 17:00




West Midlands

United Kingdom

B1 2EA


To read more about the conference, please visit their website.

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