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We work with progressive business leaders to imagine, define and produce robotic solutions that transform business performance.

You might be a technology visionary, imagining and shaping new possibilities for your company; or a future-facing CEO driving the pace of change to stay ahead, overtake competitors or move boldly into new markets. We understand the many different demands of breakthrough technology projects, and what it’s like facing the challenge of taking a new concept right the way through to full operational reality.

It takes clarity of vision, preparedness to adapt as you go, a strong commercial focus and total dedication to deliver the end product fully operational.

We’ve proven we can bring together all the right resources, skills and experience to deliver the robot or complex electro-mechanical machine that your business needs. Find out more in our case studies section.

Tharsus is a robotics powerhouse. We’ve brought together the technical wizardry needed for breakthrough thinking and the production capability to manufacture to your needs, all in one company.

Our proprietary processis proven and comprehensive

We know that making breakthrough commercial robots is complex. We also know that no two robotic solutions are identical. Complicating matters further is the need for outstanding robotic solutions to integrate seamlessly with a wide set of complementary components. Inevitably, these components will be produced by different makers, changing from customer to customer depending on their robotic solution.

To simplify things, we’ve developed a proprietary process, one that’s both highly sophisticated yet manageable. This process is proven and comprehensive. It’s our distinctive ‘operating system’, enabling us to guide you through the end-to-end development of your product, bringing together all the resources, thinking, skills and capabilities within your company, within our strategic partners and within Tharsus.

We believe in the superpowers of this process so much that we use it internally for every activity or task that we carry out.

We provide product realisation services for today's visionaries... Working on tomorrow's most disruptive products!

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