Product Development

We’re Here to Create Your Products.

We want to evolve the way your products are created – sharing the benefits of our technology insight and product development expertise to ensure your products are made better.

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Product Management

We Create Your Products With Reduced Risk.

Tharsus’ product management service is our key differentiator; a framework that makes us more than just a product developer or contract manufacturer.

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Product Manufacture

We Create Custom Manufacturing Solutions That You Can Call Your Own.

Our approach to manufacturing is unique. With us, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all: ”offering the most up-to-date, sustainable, custom manufacturing solutions designed to meet your products exact requirements.

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Product Development

We Create Your Products Together.

Our approach to product development translates your market insight into game-changing products. From concept generation to prototype build and testing; we are a catalyst for innovation in your products.

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Are you Creating aGame Changing Product?

Startups and market leaders alike; everyone wants their product to be a commercial success! Seeing your innovations develop from paper to production is a journey of both excitement and reward, but navigating your way around today’s rapidly evolving marketplace to stay ahead of the game can be perilous.

Whether you’ve never taken a product to market before, or you know how difficult it is from experience; finding the right partner who’ll do what’s right by your product is crucial; their passion, knowledge and technical abilities have to align with your vision in order for the product to really achieve its game-changing status.

We are that trusted partner! Here to ensure that your product takes the right path. Tharsus closes the gap between your innovative ideas and product’s delivery by taking responsibility for the entire journey; from product development activities and product management strategies to custom manufacturing solutions and all critical stages in-between.


Creating, Making & Delivering

Whether you’re a startup looking for concept generation, or an established leader trying to get to market faster, Tharsus can Help. Explore the categories below and learn how Tharsus can help your business seize the opportunities of a world with no limits.


Tharsus Metalwork & Engineering

Sub-Contract Manufacturing division specialising in Complex Fabricated Structures and Sheet Metal Enclosures

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